Monsoon Restaurant
Monsoon was opened in 2000 with the view to give visitors a glance into a true Swahili dining experience, with music performances (Taraab and N’goma) to complete the moment.

The menu captures typical Swahili dishes (cassava, brown beans, plantain, cheek peas in coconut, bread fruit,  mango chutney etc.) accompanied by a range of fresh seafood (lobster, cigale, prawns, king fish, tuna, octopus, calamari, changu etc.) and well marinated beef (mchuzi wa nyama) and chicken dishes (kuku wa kupaka), popular with the Swahili people.

Most of our staff have been with us since the inception, giving them a good understanding of the importance of providing good service and warm Swahili hospitality.
Outside Terrace at Monsoon
The outside terrace overlooks the famous recently renovated Forodhani Gardens and the Indian Ocean sunset on the horizon.

The canopy of the terrace is covered with blossoming bougainvilleas with local lamps to complete the charm. 
Outside Terrace at Monsoon Restaurant
Inside Monsoon with Mikeka Seating
The inside of Monsoon is widely known as the most atmospheric  restaurant in Zanzibar. 

For those searching for a true Swahili experience, the inside spells it all out, with mikeka (local mats) spread out from wall to wall, kanga covered cushions for sitting, low tables for eating, fresh jasmines scattered on the tables, incenses in the atmosphere and Swahili deco, it certainly does not get any more Swahili then this.
Outside Terrace at Monsoon Restaurant
The Bar
Laurence, aka as the King of Cocktails, has been with Monsoon since its inception and we are proud to say he has managed to secure the title of Best Cocktail Maker in town!

Fresh juices are made on demand, we stock a great selection of wines and Monsoon-made rum arrangee with local spices are served after dinner. Monsoon has a well stocked bar and a huge range of spice coffee and teas served with Swahili sweets (Kashata).
Outside Terrace at Monsoon Restaurant
The Team
The staff are friendly, professional, service conscious, with a sense of a team spirit.  

Most of our staff have been with us since the inception, lead by our manager Agnès Viellard, who joined Monsoon early in 2009.
Outside Terrace at Monsoon Restaurant
What the guidebooks say about Monsoon
Watch this space!  
Outside Terrace at Monsoon Restaurant
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